The AHP is a national contest to support the development of Australian Lindy Hop through competitive social dancing. The competition has no rules, allowing any move or style of swing dancing. Couples are judged on their musicality, partnership, repertoire, innovation and connection, as well as audience feedback. Judges are looking for dancers who embody the spirit of Lindy Hop.

History of the Australian Hellzapoppin' PrizeEdit

The inaugural AHP was planned by a committee of interested dancers to coincide with the 2002 Melbourne Lindy Exchange and to adhere to the rules and criteria of the Harlem Jazz Dance Festival (HJDF). The AHP follows these rules today and is endorsed by the American Institute for Vernacular Jazz Dance (AIVJD), founded by world-renowned lindy hopper Janice Wilson. The AHP emphasises wild and fast lindy hop, no-rules dancing in the spirit of the dance competitions of the Savoy Ballroom and 1930s lindy hop. Each AHP competition sees air steps, seriously hot jazz and the burn of a dance floor on fire.

Previous AHP WinnersEdit

  • 2016: Philippa Reville & Dean Scott (ACT)
  • 2015: Loz Yee & Joel Kohn (VIC)
  • 2014: Janice Lai & Chris Baker (VIC)
  • 2013: Georgia Brooks & Kieran Yee (VIC)
  • 2012: Cathie Gough & Liam Honer (ACT)
  • 2011: Noni Clarke & Evan Hughes (VIC)
  • 2010: Noni Clarke & Evan Hughes (VIC)
  • 2009: Francine Jeffrey & Evan Hughes (VIC)
  • 2008: Noni Clarke & Cam Mitchell (VIC)
  • 2007: Cathie Gough & Kieran Yee (VIC)
  • 2006: Annie Ryan & Shane McCarthy (WA)
  • 2004: Noni Clarke & Josh McKiterick (VIC)
  • 2003: Sarah Farrelly & Anthony Wheaton (VIC)
  • 2002: Nicole Smith & John Tenaglia (VIC)