The Perth Swing Dance Society or PSDS, is a non-profit organisation, committed to actively promoting swing dancing, its music and culture in Perth, Western Australia.

It works in co-operation with local schools in the area, in order to keep it's members informed of local events.


The PSDS runs a monthly event, known as the Splanky (in honour of Count Basie).

Splanky's are usually held on the first Saturday of the month, although this can sometimes vary.

Some Splanky's feature a live band. Since these are more expensive, they are usually spaced between purely DJ'd events.

Sometimes they may also include a theme, such as: Christmas Splanky; Heaven & Hell Splanky; etc.


Hullabaloo is Perth's Annual Lindy Exchange, run by the PSDS over the ANZAC Day (25th April) long weekend.

It began in 2004 and has been held every year since.

Swing Dancers from all over Australia participate.

Hullabaloo 2006Edit

Hullabaloo 2006 was host to the Australian Hellzapoppin' Prize.


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